We are concerned for the viability of artistic practice in today’s unsympathetic environments—emotionally and economically. It is time to take action. It is time to examine cultural production from the perspective of the artist in order to multiply what is working and radically rethink what is not. It is time to shape an artworld we want—an artworld that fosters empowerment and honesty to create truly rich and sustainable creative practices.

We have organized a one-day symposium to learn from and converse with fellow emerging artists. From these discussions, our ultimate goal is to generate a collective response to shared ideas about the artworld at large. We believe that our invited guests have carved out independent niches in the artworld that we find both personally and externally meaningful. We have organized our panels to offer both example and discord on three key topics: the growth, reach and function of communities; the cult of the commodity in the established artworld; and practices for measuring disappointment and success.

On Saturday, December 14 panelists and MFA students will convene for a day of discussion. The event will be live streamed both online and in locations around the ICP facilities for those outside the table discussions. The day will go from 10.00 to 4.00, beginning with coffee and introductions and followed by three sessions.  Each session gives equal time to the panel discussion and talk among the attendees to generate possibilities.

You can watch the symposium live at http://lectures.icp.edu/

International Center of Photography
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